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🔥 9 strategies for an ex-pat career woman to get financial freedom and save money

📌 1. Explore the #grocery delivery, pick up service or use a list when you do your groceries.

Appx. 53% of 🍎 groceries are ‘wow, want it now’ purchases. During Covid, the list of grocery #shops with pick-up service and delivery providers like Instacart have increased.

I like Shop-Shop and PlantoEat apps to have my #grocerylist ready.

📌 2. Spend what you have earned.

Yes, #creditcarddebt is the ‘XXI century evil’ that stands in your way to financial freedom. Interest rates for your credit card are EXTREMELY high.

📌 3. Take care of your belongings.

If you do your car oil and #maintenance on time, you could save a bunch of extra expenses at a car shop.

📌 4. Use it to the maximum

Do you really need a new model 📱 #iPhone13 / #googlephone this month/this year? Be careful here not to be in a trap of becoming a Scrooge MacDuck. If tinkering with your car costs you more money than it gives you in service, it’s time to buy a new one.

📌 5. DIY

My friend, a software developer, has surprised me with his passion to #remodel his house in his free time. You could be not that radical, but you’ve got the idea that baking a dozen of cupcakes from the scratch could be fun.

📌 6. Know your needs

If you anticipate that every 6-9 months your #car shall be at the maintenance, what if you save $ this month, and then the next month to be ready to pay for it in 6 months.

🛒 January and August, #MemorialDay and Labor Day, back-to-school sales are best time to buy 🛒 things that you need starting with school supplies, school #uniforms up to bookshelves for your house.

📌 7. Is it less than $300?

Any purchase over $300 is to be discussed as per family #budget and to be done on the next day…or not

📌 8. Do your research

When you buy any electronics, it might be beneficial to 🎯research what functions does a product has and what features do YOU need.

When you look for something that you potentially will use 🚪🪑 for 5-10 years, a good question is - Is this brand known for durability and good 💥 quality?

📌 9. Choose to buy it for less

Marketplace at Facebook is a great place to buy any kids-related stuff. Freecycle is a website where you can get #furniture, kids' stuff, and beyond for free.

When you buy something as big as a 🚗 car, do your research and make phone calls to THE MAJORITY of local car #dealership asking for the lowest price.

My husband and I were talking in our native language with an anxious look in a car dealership and then asked for a discount.

Our ex-pat friend bought a demonstrator that had 4,000 miles to save 33% of the initial 🚗 car price. 5 years later he still enjoys his car.

🔥 Share your life hacks. 🙋

What strategy you do you like? Join me for a no-pressure conversation about your financial flow

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