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Are you done with sabotaging your success? 2-minute exercise to shift to a powerful state.

Habit is a brain power tool for you to reach goals you were born to accomplish.

It is not conscious on the one hand, and conscious, on the other hand.

When you repeat the same action over and over again, you may intentionally establish a habit that will control your life. Positive habits are those that are beneficial for you like feeling gratitude first thing in the morning or being digital free for 30 minutes after you wake up. And, negative habits are those that are triggered by your Inner Judge or Saboteur: eating tons of ice-cream watching late TV series because you’re stressed after a long working day.

You’re the boss to create a better set of habits if you get how the part of your brain works. For instance, you can develop a habit of looking for getting in touch with your senses for 30 seconds – 2 minutes to shift from a primary state to a powerful state:

Developing this skill takes some practice. The first step is understanding how habits develop and what potential impact they might have on your life. Habit is generally the strong tendency to keep doing what you have been doing or not doing what you have not been doing. Despite research suggests that if you stick with a behavior for approximately 18 months, you will build a greater probability to stick to it nearly forever or you may feel inner desire to stick to the habit even after 30 days of application in a row.

Journaling, is a great inner work tool to have mindset shifts from: ‘I cannot stop emotional eating’ to ‘I’m the boss of my life’ and ‘I can create habits that are beneficial for me’ I give myself permission to stop those habits that are no longer working for me like emotional eating’.

For a journal prompts and simpler 2-10 minutes rituals to form habits that keep your laser focused in the middle of the mess, download the guide:

I was not aware of the level to which habits control people’s behavior until I did career transition from executive in Investment Banking into a Life, Career and Health Coach and did inner work on mindset shifts that helped me personally and guided moms in high stress careers to do the same.

Mindset is the key to stop sabotaging your success in personal life and career. We all know what to eat to be healthy, that we’d rather be physically active to have energy, but until you have subconscious blocks healed and mindset shifts strategy in place, you could keep on and on in habits that are harmful for you, and sabotage your best interests.

Any best-selling books like Atomic Habits by James Clear or Charles Duhigg’s book The Power of Habit, could be an eye opener for you like it was for me. I’d guide you to read it on your own or if you’re done with sabotage and would like to develop it faster with my support, let’s have a free no pressure conversation with me about your current situation, and find together the simplest step to your success in personal life or career with mindset shifts, simple rituals and intuitive healing to the best of your interests.

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