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Are you using your brain as a goal achieving machine? What is Positive Intelligence?

When your brain wakes up at 3 a.m. in the morning anxious about ...the deadline or important meeting, it is acting as your enemy. When your mind tells you that you should do your very best to prepare for tomorrow’s meeting, it is acting as your friend.

What is positive intelligence and why you need to have it to succeed in your personal life and career?

Your brain is the goal achieving machine.

It is your best friend and your worst enemy. Positive intelligence measures the relative strengths of those 2 modes of your mind.

In early 2000’s, Shirzad Chamine, a Standford University lecturer defined Positive intelligence as, an indication of the control you have over your own mind and how well your mind acts in your best interests’

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But if you ask me to put it simply, I'm going to say positive intelligence is...

… how much of your true potential you actually achieve.

These "things" I'm referring to include but are not limited to...

- - - > Your ability to be for the most part of your day in your full power => in the powerful state of balance, patience, gratitude, compassion rather than being in the primal state of stress, frustration, overwhelm, judgment, etc.

- - - > Your ability to have a meaningful relationship with people you love and appreciate

- - - > Your ability to earn money you deserve

- - - > Your ability to ask for MORE: next level of financial freedom, extra days off and time for family, friends and multiple passions of yours

- - - > Your ability to shift from a primal state to a powerful state within 30 seconds

- - - > Your ability to grow a profitable business or get promotion in your career with ease and simplicity

- - - > Your ability to lead your team to a greater success

- - - > Your ability to carve out guilt free time for yourself without damage to your career/business

- - - > Your ability to have a work/life balance

- - - > The ability to align your spiritual and life vision with doing what you love to do

- - - > Your ability to apply the most effective principles that work for your lifestyle

- - - > Your ability to do all these things with more fun and with higher level of energy




Most, if not all of these "items" on the list are a part of your everyday life.

And don’t you agree that when you’re challenged in one or more of these it’s usually because we let your old mindset and emotions/feeling from the past sabotage our true success?

Because we let these gets in our way of success and prevent us from taking action:


Childhood trauma

Feeling that you don’t belong

Questioning whether you’re worthy of …

Focus on lacking of XYZ (money, love, career success)…. Rather than FEELING in your body that you are abundant in XYZ

Imposter syndrome

Desire to look as the ‘perfect FB/Instagram/LinkedIn mom’ as you see other woman do in their social media rather than ‘be REAL messy and imperfect’ authentic mom

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of being hurt by trusting, and being vulnerable in relationships

Judging yourself, others and the circumstances

Lack of trust in yourself, others or your higher power

Wearing the mask of ‘everything is OK’

Refusing to live in the moment to the fullest because of old wounds

A belief that you’re unlovable, fear of intimacy, movie star images, unreasonable standards preventing you form keeping the love of your life away

Asking yourself of ‘what is wrong with me’ rather then surrendering that you’re supported and unconditionally loved by your higher power, people who appreciate you

Not allowing yourself true forgiveness for the past

Not releasing other people’s opinions

Allowing your inner saboteurs of Hyper-Achiever, Procrastinator, Pleaser, Stickler, etc running your day rather than listening to your Inner Cheerleader

Not putting your oxygen mask on yourself first

Not allowing yourself to receive help and support

Not willing to release the need for the resistance, or the headache, or the excess weight, or emotional eating, or the lack of money, unhealthy relationships, unsupportive family, co-workers, friends, etc.

Positive intelligence isn't the FREEZING of these feelings to make decisions in these areas of your life or career, even though that is the choice most people make unconsciously. It is the opposite of spending the most of their day in the primary state while letting to your Inner Judge or Saboteurs run your life =>

It's about getting in touch who you’re authentically are, have a higher level of awareness of your personal life and career/business paths, and mastery to move from primal states to powerful states the moment you notice it so you can use your brain as a goal achieving machine to learn why/how you keep sabotaging certain areas of your life and career/business and make different choices.

Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) is the percentage of time your mind is acting as your friend rather than your enemy; is the percentage of time your mind is serving you versus sabotaging you.

For example, a PQ of 80 means that your mind is serving your about 80 percent of the time and sabotaging you about 20 percent of the time. PQ is a skill that any person can learn at any age.

Participating in Expat and Introverted Moms Facebook Worldwide will help you to learn and practice it.

With love and gratitude,

Maryna Marchuk

P.S. Looking one-on-one support? The first call with is free, has no pressure and gives you clarity and transform your current situation. At the very least you’ll have a listening ear from a person who offers you a no judgment zone to speak up your voice. When's the last time you had one of those?

P.S.S. Aren't ready for a personal coach but want to educate a group of people (in your client group, podcast, workshop, interview series, etc.) on what Positive Intelligence is, why it's important, and how to strengthen it? Reach out and we'll have a conversation about how I might be able to help.

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