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🇨🇩🇨🇬🇨🇺🇬🇪🇺🇸EX-PAT CAREER MOM, what are your ways to create connection during the holidays?

😫 What I’ve heard in today’s conversation with #expats is that 😫#loneliness may come to a rise during Advent (a part of #Christmas festivities) in late November and December.

We all feel a need to 🤝CONNECT, to #BELONG especially during holidays. Even most successful career moms.

At this time of the year, your family, colleagues, and friends are looking for a human-to-human connection.

🤩 Here are my top 4 life hacks to get #connected: 🤩

✅ 1. Be proactive and talk to your family

members from your home country over any of Skype, Whatsup, Facebook, Zoom or Telegram.

You’d be surprised how much your parents’/family members would value 15-30 minutes with you.

🌈 #Fun ideas 🌈:

💓 use an electronic spinner for things you’re g

rateful for during this year and play them over your online coffee chat.

🤎 during a year write down one thing you’re grateful for in a week and put it all in a jar to read on Christmas at your family gathering.

✅ 2. Take some time to #selfreflect on what does it mean for you to belong.

Choose ONE #journalprompt to write down for 10 minutes

🧡 What inspirational group for you do you want to belong?

💛 Where do you spend time your time with a deep appreciation to a group?

💚 What connection are you seeking? How oft


❤️ Write a story about a character who desperately wants to belong.

💙 Which cultural group celebration is your favorite?

💜 How did you become a part of the different cultures you are involved in?

✅ 3. Give and RECEIVE.

This is a great opportunity to send a nice old-style card or an electronic card to people you love.

More options:

a handwritten letter or a thank you note

for Catholics – offer your neighbor an advent calendar with tea bags for every day before Christmas

send a Christmas card to a future you/your kid

/your hubby

free hour of babysitting to an ex-pat mom in need

As caregivers, we tend to provide care, and this is a great time for us to RECEIVE: some help with your meals, or presents wrap, or asking for 10 minutes to yourself.

✅ 4. Declutter

👜 Your purse

The subscriptions that you no longer use

Your closet

Your wallet

Your fridge

When you clear a space, there will be room for a new connection.

With yourself

With another person

With a new idea

With a group.

My favorite book about decluttering is

📌 The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. 📌 What is yours?

🤩 If you'd like to have a conversation about where you're now with an ex-pat life and career coach, I'm here for you, let's have a no pressure talk.

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