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🤦‍♀️ When you eat your chocolate #candy number 12…or want to end your day with 3 glasses of #wine..

🤦‍♀️ When you burst into bad #anger if your #kid is #naughty

This is a sign that your stress level is high.

It’s about you being human to react in any of these ways that may not work for you to create the #life you want.

No judgment, only #curiosity here.

[I have been 🤦‍♀️ guilty in all of the above].

What I have found is that most #expat #careerwomen, who ⚡️ struggle with their financial flow, work long hours, and have high levels of stress.

They feel #overwhelmed.

They lost their #productivity. Add '1' in the comments if this is familiar to you.

They think about working even more in the evening or over the weekend.

One of the stories I’ve heard from an ex-pat is: 🤦‍♀️ 'I should work hard to earn the money I deserve.'

Is it true?

What if this sounds like the truth?

‘I work less and earn more.‘ Agree/disagree?


‘I work less to earn the money I deserve’. Agree/disagree?

[This idea came to me as I was #meditating for 10 minutes while my kinder-gardener with hubby explored a rock to climb]

When in reality all that these ex-pat #careerwomen need is to be clear about what beliefs stand on their way to get the 💸 financial flow.

🔥 When you think that you can work less and receive higher remuneration,

you go to your HR manager equipped with data on how your work 🔥 positively impacted the company performance,

and 🔥 negotiate higher pay for the same hours.

When you think that you should work hard [hint .. maybe you’ve seen your parents were working long hours to survive… but you have adulted to choose a different belief]

🔥 What you focus on becomes your reality. 🔥

Do you believe that a lawyer or an #investmentbanker who works 🤦‍♀️ 50-60 ⏰ hours a week is happy and has a work-life balance to enjoy their time with kids or have any time to go on a date with a husband 👫 ?

How many ⏰ hours would you choose to work if you were sure that you can work less and earn more?

💸 If you feel overwhelmed and struggle with your 💸 financial flow, let’s have a no-pressure conversation about where you’re now and what stands in your way to have the financial path you desire.

I guarantee deep listening and a no-judgment zone. When was the last time that you had those?

Find what time works for you to have a conversation

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