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Where do you belong?

What I've found that most of the expat mom in high stress careers or business owners who feel under-evaluated, overwhelm after relocation.

Could it be that you're one of them?

Do you continue to work 24/7 and study more to get to the 6-figure income you want?


Some of my expat moms friends procrastinate to apply their knowledge or look for perfection in mastering new skills, but majority listen to sh*t stories that sabotage their progress:

‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I do not belong’, ‘Money are hard to make’ Does it sound familiar?

Having relocated 22 times in my life, I felt discomfort of 'I do not belong.

This year I have adulted to 40 and finally shifted completely: I belong.


Expat mom, you’re not alone as well as women in man dominated industries and introverts in group environment, who struggle with this idea of not belonging.


It takes away your energy because it is FALSE.


You BELONG to the tribe that you have chosen => to moms from high stress careers, who want to bond with people they love, risk takers who shifted from the corporates to a business-owner, etc.


Does Elon Mask belongs to a supportive tribe to accomplish his dreams?


It is only YOU who decide whether you BELONG or not.

Especially during COVID, when you choose to build relationships or stuck inside your shell.

What if choose ‘TO BELONG’ and journal: What tribe is mine? Why? Do they believe in me more than I?

I belong to a group of moms who earns money while doing what they love to do and live the life aligned with their spiritual and life vision.

What group do you belong to?

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