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Now I feel energy-driven even in the evening. Maryna has guided, supported and encouraged me in my transformation. She has challenged me and I have watched myself growing in my habits.

Nadiya Bilyk, Sales Executive

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What I especially like about my sessions with Maryna, is that she doesn't tell you exactly what to do, but rather guides you to find your next steps...I feel more upbeat and confident throughout the day. It is easier now for me to get over my old lazy self and go to drawing classes and yoga.

Svetlana Symonenko, Research Associate

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Today I had a hard conversation which made me realize how little value I was putting on myself. I having been giving to my children, business and husband but forgetting about me. I cannot give from an empty cup, filling my own cup will help me be a better mom, wife, friend and business owner.

Jyssica Beireis-Schutz, Owner of Bubbling Brook Virtual Administrative Solutions, LLC.


What I didn’t expect were the emotional breakthroughs that appeared after some mental exercises helped me push past hidden obstacles. I feel better and I am able to do more fun activities and accomplish more goals with my newfound energy. Maryna has guided me (but never in a judging way) to be a better version of myself and I’m thankful to her for showing me the path!

Juliana Wilson, Pharmacist

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You told me to put a cross on the things that are not helping me. I loved this method of eliminating what's been disturbing me. I'm proud that I'm able to work on myself to become a better human being with every passing day.

Gurmeet Grewal Jassar, Stay-at-home mom

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It helps me to talk and here what resonate from my situation. And also to understand that it's possible to change things thanks to a routine to protect myself.

I'm proud I had the courage to hand my hand to benefit from this call and to talk freely like I did

Sara Resimont, Tourism Director

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Most definitely thank you so much! Your tips and ideas helped me incorporate more time for taking care of me.I feel and see the difference in my life and work!!

Sherry Mills

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It was helpful to talk about my time problems out loud. I am proud that I have attempted to stay committed (though allowing myself to fail).

Rachael Flug

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The Total Transformation Breakthrough Session with Maryna (via phone) helped me in understanding of what slows me down and stops from reaching my goals. Maryna was very patient, caring and supportive during the session.

Elena Senina


I am doing what I need to do to live a good and balanced life serve GOD well and enjoy my life and those around me. I'm proud of myself after the call that I was respectful and participated as well as I could while managing pain...I did not cancel the call because of pain...that made me victorious over my struggles.

Rhonda Fry

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I'm proud about being able to say exactly and honestly what I want.

Heather Triesch South

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Hello Maryna, thank you again for the amazing Reiki session. It's been many years since I had a Reiki session so I wasn't sure how this experience would be since it  was done virtually. It was such a wonderful experience. I felt relaxed and filled with love and peace through the meditation. I didn't realize the weight I was carrying in my shoulders until you guided me to release any stress or tension there. It felt like the weight of the world was lifted. I mentioned that felt tightness in the right side of my neck when we started.



Dear Maryna, thank you for the wonderful and effective 1:1 session. It was amazing experience for me - so calming, so peaceful, so nurturing to my mind and soul. Thank you for the energy!

Deni Andonova, Psychologist, K-Power and Neurographica Instructor, Aesthetic Coach


Maryna Marchuk is an amazingly dedicated Business and Life Coach. Her ability to be intuitive and guide me through my first reiki and chakra sessions was amazing. 

Troy Milligan, Magician


I recently had the opportunity to experience a healing session with Maryna and it was incredible. By taking me through a series of breathing exercises along with some meditation and energy healing practices I was able to receive guidance regarding a decision I had been struggling to make.


I walked away with actions steps I could take immediately and the session left me feeling reassured and confident, knowing that it has worked for her.

Maryna provided a quick 2 minute tool which helps with getting in touch with yourself and your body, which I will definitely use for myself.

Maryna is friendly, open and earnestly wanting to help you through sharing knowledge and experience.


I was given a distance reiki session from Maryna Marchuk for the first time.  The meditations were relaxing, the discoveries she found were amazing, and the whole experience was clearing. Giving someone the ability to relax from a distance was the best part for me.  Try Maryna out for an in person or distance session, it will be worth the good night’s sleep.


I had an energy healing session with Maryna to relieve some on-going aches and pains. During one segment of the process, I could feel an increase in the level of heat in my body (no, it wasn’t a hot flash) and the visualizations I experienced were vivid and discernable on a physical level. The results? Well, aches and pains are gone and others are substantially reduced and I can expect further reductions and insights in the next few days! The experience is powerful, non-invasive and gets results. What more could you ask for?

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