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AI's Transformative Power: Revolutionizing Project Management, Healthcare, and Beyond

In this month issue:

  1. AI in Project Management: Tools like Zoom's beta feature are making tasks more efficient.

  2. Mixed Reality: Apple's Vision Pro faces competition from Meta and LG's "Quest 4 Pro".

  3. AI's Impact: AI is transforming healthcare, enhancing cybersecurity, and modernizing communication.

  4. Upcoming AI Events: Events are planned to explore AI's growing role in project management.

What Has Been My Point of Attention This Month?

Beta feature: AI Summary in Zoom

One of the most time consuming tasks for a Project Manager is to write summary of the meeting - it depends on you stakeholders, but still it is a lot of your resource.

What I have found is that the beta feature in Zoom is a breakthrough:

  • networking

  • volunteering

  • client meetings

  • team meetings

Bonus! It has even suggested to me the steps to take after the meeting. After the AI accomplished the summary, I still have to do my 10% of editing, but it saves me a LOT of time.


AI tool to automatically schedule and prioritize your tasks and the tasks for your teams.

The only constant in the AI world of Project Management is change.

And Motion is the illustration for you—to stop being annoyed that this tool constantly changes your daily tasks.

And be open to rethinking and moving toward your goals, as Adam Grant suggests in his book 'Think Again'.

Anyway, you are the boss, who sets priorities for the AI tool that enhances your ability to manage multiple projects and your team's ability to be focused.

As I write this sentence, a company has launched a new AI tool for Project Management.

What if you opened yourself to curiosity and tried one new AI tool a day?

I will start with Time Hero to manage remote teams.

What works for you? Apple Visio Pro or Meta & LG product ?

Apple has recently released a groundbreaking mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro. It set a new benchmark for the whole industry.

Meta has collaborated with tech giant LG to develop an MR/AR headset, seeking an opportunity to create a product that could rival Apple’s Vision Pro.

I believe this alliance has been created in response to the announcement by Apple about their upcoming the Vision Pro release. Meta could leverage LG Electronics’ hardware expertise to introduce a product that could outshine Apple’s Vision Pro.

On the other hand, for LG, it is an opportunity to burgeon the metaverse market. While LG Electronics will oversee the mass production, other divisions like LG Display, LG Innotek, and LG Energy Solution will contribute essential parts.

The premium AR headset by Meta & LG is expected to be named "Quest 4 Pro." It is scheduled for a 2025 release and expected to to go head-to-head with Apple's Vision Pro.

A fellow Project Manager shared with me that his company uses Apple products today to do complex surgeries. The AI does all the work for a patient in California, and an experienced surgeon supervises the AI from New York. I am not aware of anything like that from Meta, but I am open to re-think my thoughts.

What will be your choice: to pay $3,499 for Apple Vision Pro or under $200 for Meta and LG Quest 4 Pro?

How AI Will Reshape Cybersecurity, Healthcare and Communications?

The core of today’s transformative technological revolution is the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It impacts our daily lives as project managers, parents, and community members.

To unleash the power of generative AI we are destined to reshape our very understanding of ourselves.

Thought leaders in project management are sure that the digital landscape, enhanced by AI and ML, is expected to impact almost every economic sector.

Three sectors already feeling AI's transformative power are Healthcare, Cybersecurity, and Communications.

Understanding AI

Gartner gives the definition of AI as 'technology that appears to emulate human performance typically by learning, coming to its own conclusions, appearing to understand complex content, engaging in natural dialogs with people, enhancing human cognitive performance or replacing people on execution of non-routine tasks'.

What does it mean for a project manager?

It means that we can have a human-like dialogue with an LLM (Large Language Model) like Bard or ChatGPT Plus.

This is my conversation with ChatGPT Plus when I uploaded a 22 pages case study of Niramai - AI technology for breast cancer screening:

ChatGPT Plus:

  1. Market Adoption: Taking the innovation to markets, especially addressing the needs of women in the poorer strata of society.

  2. Cultural and Trust Barriers: Overcoming distrust in technology-driven healthcare interventions, particularly in rural areas and among women.

  3. Business Model Sustainability: Developing a business model that is both sustainable and delivers value.

To summarize:

  1. Market Adoption: Niramai may face challenges in effectively introducing their innovative solutions to the market, especially when considering the needs of women in less affluent communities.

  2. Cultural and Trust Barriers: Gaining trust in regions with a preference for face-to-face healthcare interactions can be difficult, especially given the technology-driven nature of Niramai's solutions.

  3. Business Model Sustainability: Creating a business model that remains profitable while delivering genuine value to users might be challenging.

  4. Scalability: Expanding operations and reaching a broader audience might present logistical, technological, and operational hurdles.

  5. Awareness and Education: Overcoming myths and misinformation surrounding breast cancer and promoting the importance of early detection can be a significant challenge in regions with deeply entrenched beliefs.

Would you like any further analysis or insights?

Here is the human-based identification of top 4 challenges of the Niramai case:

What do you think about this conversation? And how the AI brainstorming could facilitate the work of a Project Manager?

The Economic Impact of AI

The economic impact of AI is mind blowing. McKinsey & Company expects that AI could generate an economic impact of $5 to $7 trillion by 2025.

AI's Role in Healthcare

AI transforms healthcare, from alternatives to breast cancer screening to responses to COVID19.

Niramai - an AI tool for breast screening that is

no touch

no pain

no see

no radiation.

It is a portable and budget alternative to regular breast cancer screening. FDA approved in the USA, available in India.

Moreover, this technology can predict breast cancer 4-5 years before it actually happens. (I have no affiliation with this company).

I have a family member who died because of a late breast cancer diagnosis. I wish she had the AI technology to save her life.

AI in Cybersecurity

Cyber threats meet humans at every digital corner. From individuals who became victims of scams by sharing sensitive personal data to large-scale attacks on critical infrastructure. Moreover, today’s cybercrime is not limited to known threats. AI brings a revolutionary challenge to the digital landscape. We have not yet fully comprehended the new trends.

The AI tool WormGPT can aid traditional crime in becoming more widespread by adding linguistic expertise for criminals. FraudGPT offers comprehensive hacking tutorials and showcases the simplicity of committing cybercrime.

In addition, the misuse of AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, can emphasize the potential dangers just by bypassing the ethical constraints.

On the other hand, variational autoencoders (AI tool) is used for anomaly detection by training a model on a dataset of normal data.

It has been successfully used for diverse industries:

  • find security breaches in a network by Google

  • To detect fraud transaction by Uber

  • detect anomalies in medical imaging by Niramai to detect breast cancer

Transforming Communications

AI is redefining what communication is. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates routine tasks, freeing humans for complex challenges. Chatbots and voice assistants, powered by conversational AI, offer 24/7 customer support for project management and customers.

What about having the opportunity to create reports for any stakeholder at any time they want to have access to the project?

It sounds impossibly impressive and great.

What does it mean for a thought leader in project management?

AI frees humans from jobs that are dull, dirty, dangerous, difficult or repetitive
AI opens for humans jobs that are human-centric with a focus on problem solving, creativity, empathy, and leadership.

This quote is from Pinar Seyhan Demirdag.

This means that a future Project Manger will be more on the executive side, a person who will not only have industry and function skills, but also pretty good in soft skills - emotional intelligence, speaking, listening and beyond.


Series Unleash Generative AI for Project Management Masterclass

As we had great response from 63 attendees as Lunch and Learn with the Golden Gate University and there was a discussion about digging deeper into the Generative AI, here what I can suggest:

Join me for a Free lively AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on September 12, at 8:00 a.m. PDT (5:00 PM CET, 11:00 AM ET). I'll address all your questions about the forthcoming SERIES "Unleash Generative AI for Project Management Masterclass."

The boom in AI raises a number of questions for project managers. How will this affect the profession? And how can I start using AI tools in my work?

Get started on AI with an overview and demonstrations of tools you can use TODAY. Among the topics covered at the series Masterclass on September 19 and September 26:

  • Adapting AI in Project Management

  • Navigating the AI-driven Project Phases

  • Enhancing Project Results through AI: Exploring AI Methods and Tools

  • Navigating AI Project Challenges

  • Exploring AI's Role in Project Management through Case Studies

PS: The title of this article and 1-4 bullet points of this month issue have been developed by ChatGPT Plus upon my prompts and text that I've created.

All the best,

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