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Does Artificial Intelligence Put at Risk Change-Makers in Project Management?

AI-driven tools like ChatGPT and Beethoven has shaken our minds and amend our mindset on what we think about potential is.

Machine Learning and AI have been with us for a while. Do you remember when you use Grammarly for the first time? How did it feel?

Aldous Huxley'sBrave New World or George Orwell's 1984 talk about the new opportunity world that we live in 2023.

How do you feel about AI?

And it is OK if you feel insecure when you tap into unknown. You're not alone. When you ask a question to ChatGPT and receive your whole project risk calculations within a matter of seconds. It may seem unreal. Like cheating. Like unbelievable. Afraid. Scared.

The number of AI-driven software for project management has grown from XX to XXX in a number of days.

Bill Gates talks about his perception of risks and possibilities of AI in his interview.

What if you use AI in project management? 

What if Change-makers in project management could overcome their insecurities? To create projects that have success. Do you know that statistically only 35% of projects are successful?

Bent Flyvbjerg and Dan Gardner in their book How Big Things Get Done talk that 47.9% of projects are on budget, 8.5% are on budget and on time, and only 0.5% are on budget and on time and on benefits.

What if we do BIG projects with AI-driven tools to have a bigger rate of success for a project? To calculate and mitigate risks. To plan. To tailor the project management tools that we use for YOUR project. To find best team for the project.

What is the new role for a Project Manager?

And the role of a Project Manager who is a change-maker will shift:

  • To respond to a crisis. As there could be no data to analyze by AI for a force majeur or any other crisis in your project.

  • To create a non-judgemental space for the team to unlock their potential and creative powers.

  • To learn to unlearn so we can build a future our ancestors could not even imagine.

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