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Do you use carrots or sticks in your leadership expat professional mom journey?

When you’re an ex-pat executive mom who leads a diverse team in a global company, you may choose what works for your #leadershipjourney to get results – carrots or sticks.

What I've found is that some woman leaders may have more masculine energy. They tend to focus more on strategy and call to action for the groups, while some women leaders contribute more feminine energy to the project.

Their day-to-day workloads look more relaxed (rest more and do less). These women lead the team to surrender more while focusing on co-creation, #innovationmanagement , and adaptation.

While every ex-pat professional mom has her reasons for success at work, there are unique situations in every global company.

To motivate a team of diverse people, you might have your #challenges like how to get in sync on the reasons for pursuing a goal and the most effective way to reach it.

We are all following diversity policies in a global company. Thus, you wouldn’t want one group to receive a different motivation than another that has the same circumstances for work goals.

You might want to create a team with members who have the qualities and professional skills that you need to get the result. It might be easier than find one person with all skills and qualities to get the result you need as a leader.

Even though the most skilled professionals may be great at one step of your project, they could have weaknesses at the next stage of your process. Team diversity and clarity on the strengths and weaknesses of every team member set your project for success.

Who are the people you like to work with? What qualities do they have?

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