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What is ONE thing that you enjoy doing and you can be 100% focused on it and be happy?

For me it is doodling/ drawing/watercolor.

Art is the most effective pain killer and stress manager in my personal experience. It is the simplest tool I know to shift my mindset to live the life on my terms.

This I've learned when doctors offered me to take morphine and I refused to go that way and choose alternative methods of pain management for a couple of years.

When I was in my most intense pain, drawing was my best medicine.

Do you remember TV series about Dr. Haus?

He cooked.

I drew, cooked, danced, song, doodled - practiced to be in touch with the present moment to first escape from acute pain, then to heal and finally to guide others how to do the same: live the life on your terms.

What do you think about being 100% present in your day? What helps you to be present with your kids, with your team when stress is a part of your day?

Physical pain is just a type of stress. We sometimes want to escape from it, to take a painkiller, but pain is a gift.

If you have been 100% present with any activity that makes you happy - it means that you've meditated.

Meditation is a practice that does not require special pose, special room, special time.

It is about you connecting with who you truly are.

For months I I meditated 2 hours a day to heal my pain, attended numerous programs like Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program and silent retreats, to one day come to the thought that being present in the moment is that is any person is capable

=> you're meditating when you're

==>100% be with your family when you're off work, or for 100% present with your team when you're working.

What is ONE thing that you enjoy doing and you can be 100% focused on it and be happy? What is your meditation practice look like in your week?

This drawing is called neurographica and it is an art tool to heal subconscious blocks.

It helps to shift from:

I'm not worthy' to 'I'm the gifted and talented mom who is worthy of success'.

'I do not belong' to 'I belong'.

from 'I do not have time' to "I create time for things that I love to do in my life and career/business'.

Drop a 22 in the comments if you'd like to have a no pressure talk with me about where you're now, your level of stress as a mom in high stress career and what you have on your plate so that you have clarity about what is your one step to move forward to your success.

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